Hi! My name is Andrew Norton, and welcome to my (perpetually under construction) blog.

Professionally, I’m a software engineer with experience in devops and cloud-based web application development. As a hobby, I enjoy learning about topics in mathematics (especially combinatorics and number theory) and occasionally building robots (though this particular interest has been on the backburner for several years now).

Recently I have picked up amateur radio and hiking, as I feel I can combine those into a way of enjoying technology while in the great outdoors.

Site Design

This site has been built with the Hugo static site generator and a heavily modified version of the Puppet template.

The image in the header is the view off of McAfee Knob, which has been claimed as the “most photographed spot on the Appalachin Trail,” though the particular overhang that is most frequently photographed is not in this picture.


I can be reached at ${my_first_name}@apnorton.com if you have questions/comments/concerns about anything on my blog.

Pull requests and issue reports to repositories hosted on GitHub are always welcome, though I may not always have time to support projects that are several years old.