Hello World!

May 23, 2014

After managing a fairly successful blog for many years about competitive robotics, I am attempting to re-brand myself as I begin my studies in the field of Computer Science and Mathematics.

This blog will be the place I post interesting pieces of code I either develop or find, as well as math concepts useful to competitive programmers. This blog will focus heavily on ACM-style competitions, and may occasionally contain hints or my solutions to problems from sites like USACO or UVA Online Judge. I will attempt to post most of my code from here on a GitHub repository, but I’m still experimenting with that.

Java is my “native language,” although I know Visual BASIC, C++ to a fair extent (few people can actually say they “really know” C++), and some Python. I’ll try to mix up the languages I post (I’ll have a tag for each language), but I predict most of my posts will be Java-oriented.

As always, topic suggestions are welcome via comments on any post.